17 February 2022

17 February 2022

In another project using the zakat funds donated by Affin-Hwang Investment Bank, FFS collaborated with Ustaz Dr Ahmad Faisal Abdul Hamid, Senior Lecturer at the Jabatan Sejarah dan Tamadun Islam, in his Happy Lunch for the Needy Project. This project provides a cooked lunch 5 days a week for 250 needy students from Universiti Malaya.

On 14 Feb 2022, FFS responded by sending 150 food packs consisting of rice, cooking oil, flour, sugar, instant noodles, onions, sardines, biscuits and baked beans. All the essentials will be used for the preparation of the Happy Lunches whereas the instant noodles, biscuits and baked beans will be distributed to the students for their snack times. The delivery was made by Ra’yat Mart to the kitchen facility for the project located in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya – which incidentally was affected by the recent floods and is in need of replenishment.

With the donation, we hope that the underprivileged students will be blessed with a steady supply of food for some time. Our heartfelt congratulations goes out to Dr. Ahmad Faisal Hamid for his Happy Lunch project that provides thousands of meals for University Malaya students.

On top of that, we also used the zakat funds to help 25 ‘Mualaf’ families, following an appeal from the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association in Kelantan. It is quite difficult for the families to bear the life expenses due to certain complications. One of our committee members, Puan Norma, visited MACMA as part of our food aid program and met Izuan Lee who runs community programs to help the poor. We were touched by the selfless work carried out by the people of MACMA and give our best wishes to them.

Thank you Affin Hwang Investment Bank and Macma Kelantan for your generous donation and collaboration!

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