08 May 2023

08 May 2023

9th Apr – Free Food Society provided food packs to refugee families at the Hilla Community Centre in Ampang. The refugees are mainly Afghan and Rohingyas. Our organiser, Afzaa raised some funds to sponsor the food packs and some extra groceries such as eggs.

On 14th Apr, we also sponsored 25 food packs to poor Burmese Muslims in Pandan Indah. The food packs were distributed by teacher Hassan at his school, Noble Education Center.

Teacher Hassan’s son was a student at the school and he did remarkably well for his IGSC exams. Sadly, all the colleges turned him down for A Levels because of his refugee status. However, BAC, our partner, accepted him for their online A Levels course. Teacher Hassan was extremely grateful for this opportunity to continue his child’s education.

Thank you to all our donors to sponsor the distribution. We’re overwhelmed with the support from BAC Education as well!

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